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Hapday is a mobile app that empowers people to build a robust daily routine and set goals for their future. It was featured by Apple in January 2023 as the number 1 healthcare app in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, and TOP 30 in the US. It now has over 300,000 users.

For this project, we executed the client’s idea from scratch and developed both the front and back ends. Features include the ability for people to set daily tasks and track their progress, while also tailoring suggestions for powerful mental health habits based on their preferences.

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Technologies:  Swift, Combine, CoreData, Firebase, Analytics, Push Notifications, Python, Django;


The device you see in the picture is the “Mosquitter” and it removes insects and mainly mosquitoes from outdoor environments. For this project, we had to integrate the physical device with mobile apps both for Android and iOS to ensure easy and remote management, as well as a CRM system for efficient distribution.

Banner Mosqitter 960х720 (2).png

Technologies:  Swift, Kotlin, Python, Docker, Celery, Django, MQTT, Web-sockets;

NDA project

We developed a monitoring system for large-scale electricity traders that monitors metrics related to energy consumption and production. With this system, traders can quickly analyze trading portfolios, contract mapping, and market signals to guide their decision-making.


You can simply manage your portfolios as a producer or consumer in the system. It helps you to save money buying/selling electricity based on the signals from the platform.

Banner Rion Energie.png

Technologies: Python, Django, Docker, Celery, React.js, Next.js

7 minutes of meditation

Following the theme of mental health and meditations, we developed from scratch another mobile app "7 minutes of meditation". The goal of the app is to help complete beginners start practicing meditation. 7 minutes of meditation is in the TOP 50 healthcare apps in Ukraine.

MEDITATION APP 960 х 720 (1)_edited.png

Technologies:  Swift, In-app-purchases, Audio-streming;

ParentView ecosystem

This was a scalable solution for schools in the US in which we developed an app that tracked the live location of school buses and showed it to parents. This would minimize children’s exposure to bad weather or unnecessarily standing on the side of the road.

Banner ParentView 960х720 (2).png

Technologies:  Swift, Kotlin,  Reach Push notifications, Geocoding;

NDA project

This project involved mobile applications that could manage your notes and favorite media. We made them for both Android and iOS. It’s an organizer of photos, videos, links, and notes in one place. However, it provides options for complete customization and flexibility for grouping content your way.


Technologies:  Swift, Kotlin,  Share extension, Python, Django;

AMZ Assist

We developed a price monitoring system that allows users to compare prices and calculate logistical costs from the producer’s warehouse for AWS services. Overall, this tool helps users quickly make the right buying decisions in bulk and get the best deal.


Technologies: Django, Docker, Celery, Vue.js


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